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Driving Lessons

At Image Driving School. we offer lessons to not just teach you how to drive- but to build you into a safe, confident, comfortable driver- ready to tackle the busiest and craziest streets that Brooklyn, and New York can throw at you.

Our lessons are are arranged at 45 min each as single lessons, or double lessons (count as 2 lessons) that are 90 minutes long. Prices for lessons can be as low as $36.00 each with a package discount!

We offer door to door pickup for lessons in our large pick-up that includes:
• Canarsie, Starrett City, & Spring Creek • Paerdegat, Mill Basin, & Bergen Beach • East New York & Brownsville • Flatbush (most of zip 11226 but not past Flatbush Ave) & East Flatbush • Prospect Lefferts Gardens (zip 11225) • Midwood, Bed-Stuy, & Crown Heights (not above Eastern Pkwy)  • & surrounding areas*

* Some areas and Surrounding areas may require lessons set up as double lessons only. Some areas may not be in our pickup area depending on distance from our office location. Call for details

We use late model Corolla’s- comfortable, and easy to learn to drive with.

The lessons will teach you all the highlights of the Road Tests including: Parking, U-Turns, Stop Signs, Intersections, watching your Speed, Pulling from the curb, Pulling over, Reversing, Signalling, Right-of-way, Turning correctly, Lane changing, and much more…

And Remember we offer other type of lessons, Including Practice Road Tests, Highway Lessons, and “Stick-Shift” (manual transmission) lessons.

See the Difference between learning to drive with THE BEST!

Practice Road Test

At Image Driving School, we offer a Practice Road Test lesson that will include taking a “mock” road test with our instructor… our instructor will evaluate your performance similar to way the D.M.V. will on your actual road test.

We will be able to grade you on your performance, and give you as many pointers and helpful hints we can to help you pass the road test and be ready for the big day.
This lesson will include:

• Leaving the Curb and Regular Driving • Turning and Handling Intersections • Broken U-turns • Parallel Parking & Backing • Vehicle Control • Judgement in Traffic • Attentiveness to signs, lane markings/Observation • And more….

Highway Lessons

Driving in NYC gets more challenging every day. At Image Driving School, we want all of our students to get the confidence they need to be able to drive on Highways and busy main roads with heavy traffic and aggressive, inconsiderate drivers.

We prefer to offer these lessons as a “double” (two lesson/1.5 hr) session, so that we can have enough time to review all the different situations that can arise from driving on our major roadways and highways.

These lessons can be set up as additional lessons for students with lesson packages, at a discounted rate, once our student has passed their road test.

Prices are determined based on your lesson price already included in your package, or as individual prices for students not already enrolled in a package with us.

Stick-Shift (standard/manual) Lessons

At Image Driving School, we not only offer regular automatic driving lessons, but we also offer Stick-Shift/manual lessons.

Many new drivers don’t realize that traveling out of the country can mean that a rented or borrowed vehicle may not have an automatic transmission. The United States is about the only country in the world that has accepted automatic transmission as a standard. Unfortunately, not knowing how to drive a manual transmission car, may cause you not to be able to enjoy sightseeing, or visiting family in other countries around the world. Manual Transmission driving has benefits that automatic transmission drivers don’t have, including:

• The ability to “Pop-Start” themselves if their battery is dead • Better control in snowy/icy/rainy weather • Better acceleration • Better gas mileage

We offer classes at $50.00** per 45 minute lessons that are given as an office pickup. Stick lessons must be prepaid.

During lessons we will teach you:

• How to get into 1st gear • How to handle gear shifting • When to change gears • How to handle normal city “stopping & starting” • Dealing with stopping and starting on hills and slopes • And More…

**price changed on 3/1/20



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